Razor clam

The Razor Clam (Ensis arcuatus, Ensis ensis) is the name given to different species belonging to the genera Ensis and Solen. The common razor is the most popular because of its gastronomic qualities. The shell is elongated, shiny, as varnished. The shells are elongated, with a very characteristic (knife-shaped) arch that separates them from those of the Sword-razor Shell (Ensis siliqua) which is Straight and has a growth line with areas very different in color, separated by a diagonal: a zone of horizontal lines orange and brown and another vertical lines. Also sold the European Razor Clam  (Solen marginatus), which differ Of   Sword-razor Shell in which its two ends are more curved and inclined and are shorter than him of Longueirón and also because its shell is brighter and its meat a little more fibrous.These molluscs are in shallow waters, buried in the sand. , So they are captured by diving into the lungs or by salting them in the holes left in the sand.In Galicia there are specific exploitation plans.These are prepared by opening them to the plate with a In lemon drops to appreciate their tasty and consistent meat. As other molluscs allow mild sauces, a small bath of olive oil, garlic and parsley is recommended. Homemade preserves can also be made.

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