Organic farming in Spain

Organic products are those derived from organic or organic farming. This type of agriculture is an agricultural system that seeks to provide the consumer with fresh, tasty and authentic food respecting the natural life cycle systems. The current EU organic legislation establishes standards for the production of plants and animals and for the processing of food and feed to be labeled as such

What is it?

“Ecological agriculture” is understood to mean a compendium of agricultural techniques which normally excludes the use in agriculture and livestock of synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, etc., with the aim of preserving the environment, maintaining or increasing Soil fertility and provide food with all its natural properties. ”


In 1989, the first regulation that defined the rules for the management of organic farming was adopted in Spain, but nowadays the regulation of this agricultural model appears in regulations EC 834/2007 on the production and labeling of organic products, EC 889/2008, which establishes Additional implementing provisions relating to organic production, their labeling and control, and EC 1235/2008 defining imports of organic products from non-European Union countries.


Among the most characteristic techniques of organic agriculture and livestock are organic pest control, crop diversification and rotation, the use of natural nutrients, extensive livestock models, and the prohibition of using products that encourage the unnatural growth of plants and animals.

Regulatory and control bodies

The control and certification of organic agricultural production is the responsibility of the Autonomous Communities and is carried out mainly by public control authorities, through territorial Councils or Ecological Agriculture Committees.

The seal of organic farming will be accompanied by the seal of the regulatory body in each autonomous community and described in the tab of ecological quality of each Autonomous Community.

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