Mark Q of Catalonia for blue fish


The “Marca Q” of quality is an initiative of the Generalitat of Catalonia that has wanted to distinguish certain food products of differentiated superior quality. These products are subject to a specific regulation and an external quality control, and they have a distinguishing mark that differentiates them from other products of the same type present in the market.

The products identified by the Q mark are subjected to external control and certification by an independent and specialized entity, in addition to the usual controls carried out by the administration. The Q mark, registered by the Catalan Department of Agriculture in 1996, is granted to the companies that request it and that they produce a regulated product with Marca Q.

BLUE FISH: The varieties of blue fish caught on our coast and covered with this certification are sardines, anchovies, mackerel, starlings, roes and horse mackerel.

In order to enjoy the Q mark, the fish must have at least the following length: sardine, 12 cm; Anchovy, 11 cm; Mackerel, 18 cm; The starling, 18 cm; The vogue, 11 cm and the horse mackerel, 12 cm. The fish should be caught with purse seines that are not more than 300 meters long. The fish is kept alive in the net until the moment of its packaging with crushed ice, following the ratio of two parts of fish to one of ice. It is sold in fishmongers all over Catalonia, presented in rectangular boxes, not recoverable, of authorized material and with a maximum capacity of 6 kg.

Extraction Zone: Baix Camp, Baix Ebre, Tarragonès

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