Precooked and prepared dishes are a very heterogeneous category that presents very different perspectives and behaviors and on which it is practically impossible to offer contrasting figures. We have estimates on more or less significant market segments and it is based on these estimates how it can be indicated that during the past year there has been a good performance of prepared dishes, with growth of sales in the free service of 5% in volume and value, reaching 98.6 million plates and 147.1 million euros. Vegetable based dishes accounted for 39.5% of all sales in volume and 38.1% in value, followed by meat and poultry, with respective percentages of 21.8% and 22%, respectively. Rice (17.5% and 16.6%), salads (9.7% and 8.8%), fish (4.6% and 5.5%), vegetables (4.5% and 4.6%) and pasta (2.4% and 3.4%). Much less dynamism seems to have been recorded in the frozen dishes, with a minimum increase of 0.1% of their sales in value, reaching 538.3 million euros and a decrease in volume of 1%, being somewhat more than 114,460 tonnes. The main offer in this market is that of pizzas, hoarding about 40% of all sales in value, and the only one that maintained a positive behavior during the past year. Thus, its sales increased by 5.5% in value to reach 225.7 million euros and 6% in volume, hovering around 34,100 tonnes. At a distance, there are frozen cooked dishes, with 178.6 million euros (-4.3%), breaded meats, with 59.7 million euros (+ 1.2%), croquettes, with 43.2 (-3.2%), salads and other cakes, with € 7.4 million (-14.2%), with € 23.7 million (-5.2%). Also inside the refrigerated dishes, the pizzas occupy the first place, with 390 million euros and 69,620 tons. The cooked dishes reach up to 162.9 million euros and 21,850 tonnes. The most demanded are pasta and rice and tortillas.

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