The food market in Spain and in the world is in the hands of a few large multinational companies that present several lines of business. Alongside these large operators are some specialists, focused on specific offers, such as ecological baby food. The distribution brands have very little importance in this market, although in the last year some offers have appeared within presentations like the cookies for children. In any case, at the moment their sales percentages are not significant, around 3% in both volume and value. In general terms, it can be pointed out that the Spanish market for baby food is clearly dominated by two large groups, subsidiaries of huge food companies, which share the first places in each of their main segments and leave a small share to the rest of the Operators. Within the organized distribution, the first group controls sales percentages of 44.8% of the total in volume and 37.2%, while the second in volume, with a share of 30.7%, is the first to attend To the value of its sales, with 38.1%. At a great distance, the rest of the manufacturers are located, since the third one registers a percentage of 8.7% in volume and of 9,7% in value, the fourth one stays in the 0,9% and 2% and the fifth Around 0.6% and 0.8%. In the potitos, the main group controls 59% of all sales in volume and 56.7% in value, while the second reaches 21.4% and 22.1% respectively. In milks powder, the First comes to 53.4% and 58.8% and the second to 38.9% and 31.6%.

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