During the year 2014, Spanish households consumed 2,287.2 million kilos of meat and meat products and spent 14,573 million euros in this family of products. In per capita terms, it reached 51 kg of consumption and 325.1 euros of expenditure. The most notable consumption is associated with fresh meat (37.7 kilos per person) and, specifically, chicken (14.2 kilos per capita) and pork (10.7 kilos per person). In terms of expenditure, fresh meat accounts for 67.6% of expenditure and the share of pork (62.5 euros per capita) and chicken (56.9 euros) is significant.

Processed meat (11.9 kilograms and 99.2 euros per person) was important in the consumption of Spanish households during the year 2014, while the demand for frozen meat (1.4 kilos and 6.1 euros of expenditure per Person) has a minor impact. About 80% of meat and processed meat consumption in our country is made in the domestic environment, although this percentage experiences significant differences between some products and others. Regarding fresh meat of all types, both beef, pork, sheep or chicken, consumption in the household is around 80% or more. As far as the destination of pork is concerned, it should be noted that almost 60% of pigmeat production is for direct consumption and 40% for industrial consumption, whereas in the case of beef and sheep almost all ( 92% in cattle and 98% in sheep / goats) is for direct consumption. The consumption of processed meat is more balanced, as households represent only about 55% of the total figure. The food outside the home of sausages and cold meats is very important in our country, especially in some specific products such as cured hams, as many serranos as Iberian.

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