99% of the eggs produced in Spain come from hens and only 1% from birds of other species (turkeys, paws, geese, ostriches, quail …). They stand out by CC.AA. Castile La Mancha, Castilla Leon, Aragon, Catalonia and C. Valenciana. The census of laying hens at the end of 2014 was around 44.2 million animals, according to estimates by the Ministry of Agriculture. On the other hand, the number of eggs put by these hens almost surpassed the 972 million dozens. The majority (89%) of the census of laying hens are selected chickens exploited in industrial farms in intensive cage regime. 10% of the eggs come from fresh hens, some of which correspond to ecological eggs. Of note in this last type of production are the Autonomous Communities of Galicia and Castilla León. At present there are just under 990 egg-producing farms, 58% of which are cage farms, 19.5% for chickens on land, 15.2% for farms and The remaining 7.3% by organic farms. Spain is among the largest European egg producers, along with France, Germany and Italy.


The most notable consumption is associated with hen’s eggs (about 132 units per person per year), of which about 16 were organic eggs, while the consumption of eggs from other birds was only 3 units per person at year.

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