Within the great variety of species there is a culinary characteristic common to all of them, that is its intense flavor to sea, especially the one of the barnacles. Cirripedus, which although living on the rocks, as the mussel could be thought to belong to the family of molluscs, this is classified in that of crustaceans. Its edible part has a dark brownish brown skin that ends in a nail covered with small plates, formed by several pieces. Its fleshy peduncle or foot, is what allows it to adhere to the rocks, in which it lives, in very beaten areas, forming groups or pineapples. Their fishing is an art. It is usually caught with scrapers and truel or barks from the rocks or in boats if the sea is calm, in areas, mainly in Galicia with specific plan of exploitation. The most typical and traditional preparation is its simple cooking in water (to be of the sea) seasoned with bay leaves. A cloth above the fountain where they are served, will help to keep them at the proper temperature and to avoid the loss of humidity. One of the problems when buying crustaceans is to identify their origin. In the case of the percebe, the Galician is thicker and darker than the Moroccan or the Portuguese, with the nail sharper and reddish and with fewer plaques than the Canadian. Those captured in Galicia offer without a doubt the best quality due to the nutritious richness of its waters.
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