A tour through the Spanish orchard

In Spain, due to its climatic diversity can be cultivated almost all types of fruits, vegetables and vegetables.

Artichoke, of exquisite quality, is a plant variety, the most important being the Blanca de Tudela, which is cultivated in Navarre (northern Spain) and covered by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Artichoke of Tudela. The main cultivation region in Spain is located on the east coast, with Benicarló (Castellón) being recognized by a denomination of origin.

The best asparagus, can be found in Ribera de Navarra. The white, purple and green asparagus is Navarre protected by the PGI Asparagus of Navarre. In Andalusia, the IGP Huétor-Tájar (Granada), covers the indigenous breeds of green asparagus that have a similar flavor to that of wild asparagus.

The fleshy, sweet red peppers of La Rioja and the greens of Galicia are particularly popular. The latter include the variety Herbón – known as Padron peppers – which are small and sometimes hot. In the province of León, in the region of Castilla-León, in the north of Spain, Pimientos Asados la Bierzo (roasted peppers) are covered by a Protected Geographical Indication. Chickpeas from Fuentesaúco (Zamora), covered by a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), are of butter texture and have a very fine skin.

Other protected geographical indications are: PGI Green beans Juices Cabbage Cauliflower – Cauliflower of Calahorra IGP Spicy Aji Cucumber Eggplant Garlic – Garlic Garlic – Garlic Garlic Mushrooms Onion – Onion Sources of Ebro DOP Peas (green) Pepper – Pimiento de Arnoia IGP – Herbón Pimiento DOP – Mougan Pimiento IGP – Oímbra Pimiento IGP – Fresno-Benavente Pepper IGP – Gernika Pepper DOP – O Couto Pepper DOP – Lodosa Pepper Pepper DOP-IGP Rioja Pepper Potato – Old Potatoes of the Canary Islands PDO – Potato of Galicia IGP – Potato of Prades IGP Ceviche Lettuce – IGP Calçot de Valls chufa – Chufa de Valencia DOP Tomato – IGP Tomato de la Cañada-Níjar Truffle Turnip leaves – IGP Grelos de Galicia.

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