Registration and benefits


      • It is an innovative, collaborative platform that links the agri-food and tourism sector under a professional support oriented to both, national and international market
      • Its main function is to make known, enabling a direct channel with food manufacturers and service providers, providing clear information, truthful and continuously contrasted by users of the platform
      • It directly links the products with their origin through information focused on tourism and gastronomy lovers (about origin and characteristics of products, processor, recipes, etc.)
      • In addition to informing, it facilitates the acquisition of products and services directly from manufacturers or distributors and suppliers through the marketplace (products) –SHOP– and the booking engine (services) in the section -EXPERIENCES- enabled for it
      • It discovers the public products, which are selected for their quality, innovative character, uniqueness, territorial identity or artisanal character, which are not always available in the large distribution
      • It enables its acquisition at the lowest market price, by optimizing commercial and logistical costs (For more information see the operation of the platform)
      • It does not mask the own brands of the processors under distribution marks, since the main objective is to promote the manufacturers and their products


Perhaps you are a Foodie and sure in your travels you've enjoyed the local food at restaurants or other venues. it is possible you has purchased food and beverages in local markets, visited landmarks, wineries and many more places of interest. We are sure that all this has captured it in beautiful photos or perhaps you live in a beautiful city, where you know amazing places 

All this you can share with other users being part of this community and get many benefits If you want to be part of this community of Foodies&travellers download: 


  • Belonging to the Foodies & travelers community will allow you to access discounts, special offers and promotional gifts from companies participating in the platform; Wineries, food processors, hotels, restaurants and other benefits


In the video that we show below you will see how easy it is to register