Food/beverage manufacturers

As a manufacturer you know that your product is of quality and you would like more people could know it and appreciate both in Spain and abroad. Perhaps your products are already demanded, but managing small amounts of online sales and international is too tedious.

We want to help you by responding to your INTERNACIONALIZATION and ONLINE SALE needs, providing you with a platform on which to work and a logistical support with all its advantages, providing technical support in both areas. if you would like to be part of this community of Foodies&travellers, please download your


    • Foodies&travellers is a multi-media platform where manufacturers can benefit from the synergies generated by linking the agri-food sector with gastronomic tourism
    • Enables to optimize promotional campaigns, by selecting events and markets (domestic and international) most appropriate to their interests and enabling joint actions of individual participants with common objectives
    • It generates more traffic and visibility than if the producer develops his own campaigns alone since they benefit from the traffic generated by the campaigns of other participants (not only manufacturers) broadcast on the network, especially social networks of the community
    • The manufacturers are part of a marketplace where the consumer has a portfolio of products broader where to choose than the one at a store of manufacturer (usually with products from a single category), what motivates that when the user accesses searching of a product and/or service, at the end he also purchases others
    • The manufacturer can choose to manage their online sales according to their needs, directly as an own store through your control panel, through the central, or both, controlling their prices and stock levels at all times
    • We cover the entire logistics chain from origin to delivery. Under a same shipping, we track the delivery and its traceability. That way, we achieved greater control and quality of services
    •  Its scope of working is not limited to the national market, but that we put at your disposal our human infrastructure and material to get not only to countries of the European Union, but also to third countries
    • We offer you support our team and collaborators in the different areas in which we work: marketing, trading - online and international-, logistics - storage, handling and shipping-etc.