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In Spain, the value of the products obtained from olives in 2014 represented 11.1% of the Vegetable Production and 6.4% of the Agrarian Branch. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, the production of olive oil 2014, estimated for the purpose of calculating agricultural income, showed a very positive evolution, contrary to what happened in the previous year (this does not correspond to the current season , But with the previous 2013/2014). Thus, in quantity production increased by 171%, while prices fell by 16%. It should be borne in mind that these data correspond to those of the
Production 2013/2014, which was very good overall. According to these data, the value generated by the sector stood at 2,700.5 million euros.

The sector has a relevance in the whole of the national agri-food industry, as much by the number of jobs that it generates as by its volume of production and export.
At European level, production increased to 851,000 tonnes, more than the previous season. Also, world production stood in the 2014/2015 campaign stood at 2,554,500 tonnes, a volume much lower than the previous season.

Foreign trade

Olive oils are a group of foods with good export behavior in both volume and value. With exports reaching 1.13 million tonnes, worth € 2,726 million, our country stood as the undisputed leader in this market, the world’s leading producer and exporter, where the region of Andalusia stands out unquestionably.
More than 50% of Spanish olive oil production is exported to a total of 166 countries in the world, most notably the EU (65% of all commercial value), with Italy leading the way. Outside the EU, exports are quite diversified, with the United States standing out in 2014, with a monthly average of 6,602 tonnes, China and Brazil.

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