The Top of Spanish Foods

We make special mention of the products that most characterize the Spanish agri-food sector, such as olive oil, olives, ham, fruits and vegetables … well because they are the most consumed, known and / or exported outside our national borders. We refer to olive oil, olives, ham, fruits and vegetables, sweets … to name a few.

Among the products mentioned above, the most exported by Spain are: olive oil (€ 2,895 million), meat of refrigerated pork (€ 2,547 million ), wine (2.518 million euros), mandarins (1,333 million euros) and fresh tomatoes (961 million euros). With regard to the fate of our food, we must point out that our trade is mostly intra community , especially with countries like France, Italy, Germany and Portugal , and abroad european Union our main customers are United States, China or Japan.