Spider Crab

Of smaller tongs and bulging abdomen than the sea ox, this is triangular in front and almost round in the back. Covered with a kind of thorns, with two strong spikes on the front edge and being a delicacy if it comes loaded with coral (roe). It has five pairs of hard and long legs.
It lives in the coasts in rocky and sandy bottoms. The crab can come out “false” or “Lighthouse”, ie empty and only the most expert know how to choose it. It is said that one of the best methods is to look at the holes they have in the abdomen, and if they are “swollen” it is full.
The most guarantee period begins in February, although for commercial reasons, it is allowed to fish it until Christmas. Its capture is made with pots and trammels.
If the de Galicia are more expensive is for something, and if they are in veda, it must be respected for the benefit of all. Cooked and shedding their meat are an exceptional delicacy and with it you can also make a changurro, giving you a baking oven or a sophisticated cake / souffle, but the most recommended is to enjoy it to the classic, cooked.
Whether they are  swwimg crabs, ox crabs or spider crabs, Spaniards are more hairy than those of French origin, that is, more covered with algae. In addition, the Galicians have the most outstanding tweezers and the colors more intense and dark than the Breton.

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