Scarlet Shrimp, Small European Locust Lobster and others


The Scarlet Shrimp is a crustacean that presents a very intense and bright red color, stronger in head than in tail. It has a large head, always larger in size than the body, in which a large needle is placed. This one has a very intense and appreciated flavor. It has a shell of smooth texture. It inhabits mainly in the Mediterranean and in the Atlantic Ocean, in sand and mud bottoms to a depth of up to 2000 meters and is usually fished throughout the year and the most usual form is by means of trawling techniques.


Its name comes from the figure that make up the spines of its back that remember the cross of Santiago. His body is flattened and fat, dark brown and reddish. In the head it presents wide and flat antennas in the form of palette. It lives in rocky areas from 3 meters deep and up to 50 meters. If it were not because it is not very popular it could be the most emblematic seafood in Galicia. Fishing with nasa and trasmallo in the month of July and only under strict control. Given its scarcity and the high quality of its meat, the classic way of preparing it is simply cooked. Offers other possibilities as a protagonist in salpicones or salads.
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