Prawn, Shrimp, White Shrimp or Tiger Prawn


It has a long face and a semi-transparent body (when alive and orange when cooked) and compressed laterally. The head has lines drawn longitudinally and oblique, lines that are also present in the abdomen although they are shorter and transverse. Unlike the shrimp, the shrimp has a very triangular and sharp head (with a powerful face) and has two pairs of tongs that does not have one.
It lives near the coast in shallow waters and calm, on rock bottom or with much vegetation and can even be found in pools with low tide. He is fishing with pots and other gear and when he is in capture he goes to him in the mussel beds and in small fish markets such as the Arosa Galician, where he sells in important quantities.
They are a luxury that can be prepared by putting them alive in cold water with salt, or sea water, with bay leaf. Just boil, remove, drain and are ready to eat. Peels can also be used to accompany any fish dish.


The shrimp is a decapod crustacean less than shrimp. It has a very developed abdomen with a size superior to the one of its head with two series of legs. Its shell is weak and flexible and on its sides of appreciation a longitudinal suture. It is characterized by its white color and a weight between 7 and 25 grams. It lives mainly in the Mediterranean and in the South Atlantic, in sandy bottoms of up to 500 meters of depth. Usually reproduce in the months of August and September and its fishing is carried out throughout the year, usually with nets.


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