Other molluscs grown in Galicia are oysters, which also uses the batea system, while clams and cockles in nurseries. The oyster (Ostrea edulis) has on the outside of its shell a thick and rough surface. Its usual color is between white, brown and purple.

As a curiosity it is necessary to mention that during his life he has alternating male and female sex (non simultaneous simultaneous hermaphrodism).
Although it originally lives on the rocks, the cultivation on troughs and on elevated beaches is today the origin of most of its production. This ensures that oysters properly identified are of absolute guarantee. It is necessary to require that the labels of origin guarantee their origin and a good purification since if they could not generate toxicity, since they are usually consumed raw with lemon.

The oyster is a very appreciated delicacy and when cooked can be bathed in flour and fried, prepared with béchamel and various sauces or pickle.
It emphasizes an area of the estuary of Vigo (Galicia) called Arcade. Oysters, clams and mussels are also grown in parts of the coasts of the Mediterranean and southern Spain, especially in Catalonia and Andalusia and, to a lesser extent, in the Balearic Islands.

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