Ox Crab or Edible Crab

This is an oval and smooth body crustacean, wider than long. Of reddish brown color, it has two strong tweezers on its first pair of legs.
It inhabits sandy and rocky bottoms, to a lesser or greater depth depending on its size. Its growth is very slow, reason why it is little abundant, reaching the sexual maturity to the 5-6 years.

It comes alive to the Spanish cetarias imported from France, Ireland and Great Britain. The few national catches are obtained with pots or trasmallo. Its delicate mixture of sea and its meatiness make of this seafood an exquisite dish simply cooked. From the front legs we get the most delicious slices, which if they are of size we can use to make a spatter. You can do a changurro, although most often it is done with crab. In Scotland, where there is much fishing and until recently it was not given much appreciation, it is elaborated with its meat an element to combine with salads.
It is not very easy to distinguish Galician from French; The Galician has the hairiest legs and the most serrated forceps.

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