Nordway Lobster

Norway lobster is an elongated, pinkish-colored crustacean with more extensive coloring areas. The head is long with lateral spines and highly developed forceps. The female is larger than the male and is distinguished by a thin membrane of pelillos or filaments at the ends of its shell.
It lives in soft bottoms, of 50-700 meters of depth, according to the temperature. Hidden during the day, she goes out to eat at night. It is trawling and other techniques, rarely with pots. It is a species of great demand that reaches a very different market value depending on the day (intense color very lively) or the fleet of the Great Sun. You have to be very demanding in the respect of the minimum sizes due to its slowness increase.
They are usually cooked or grilled. Like the prawns there are those who accompany them with mayonnaise, but if it is fresh, you should avoid any disguise. Also in salpicón with oil and vinegar, and the fresh ones, with a little oil and salt to the pan.

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