RC (Register and Certified) Brand of La Rioja

The RC guarantee mark, registered and certified by the Government of La Rioja, differentiates the Rioja food that has obtained the highest quality both in the selection of its raw material and in its manufacturing process.

This mark applies only to products which have passed the controls established by their respective regulations. In this way, the RC seal is a differentiating element, which provides added value to food and a high degree of confidence and safety for the consumer.

Fresh fruit and vegetables; Vegetable preserves, dehydrated and frozen products; Processed meat products; honey; candies; biscuits; Sausages of fish products and semi-preserves of anchovies in salted or in oil; Cheeses; Wine vinegars; Pacharán, spirits, liqueurs and other beverages derived from natural alcohols; Fardelejos; Traditional prepared dishes, and Soto marzipan.


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Montse Gonzalez