PGI Mojama of Isla Cristina


The mojama is obtained from the noble part of the tuna called loins of the species Thunnus albacares, commercially known as yellowfin tuna, clear yellowfin tuna or yellowfin tuna, and Thunnus thynnus, commercially known as bluefin tuna, of a live weight of over 200 kg.

The loins of both upper and lower quarters are subjected to a curing process by seasoning and drying in the air.



The mojama is classified in category Extra and First:
– Extra category: the mojama coming from the inside of the loins, that is, the one that is in contact with the backbone of the tuna, which is less fat.
-First category: the mojama from the loins extracted from the areas contiguous to the “Extra”, which is characterized by a higher fat content.
The mojama has a dark brown exterior appearance, presenting to the cut the veins characteristic of the tuna loins, much more accentuated in the mojama of first class than in the extra. At cut, the coloration is garnet with different shades, accentuating the dark color in the edges; Of compact and smooth texture, little fibrous, of mild smell and pleasant flavor to slightly salty blue fish.

Geographical area: The geographical area is constituted by the municipal terms of Isla Cristina and Ayamonte of the province of Huelva.
Specific stages to be carried out in the defined geographical area: The following operations will be carried out in the defined geographical area: tuna washing, snoring, washing of the different pieces obtained, salting, washing sequenced to reach the desired salting level , Pressing, curing of the tuna loins by drying, repelling and final selection for packaging. The packaging must be carried out in the industry itself to maintain the physical-chemical and organoleptic characteristics achieved at the end of the process, especially the salt concentration and relative humidity.


Labeling: In the labels of each industry that sells mojama, protected by the Protected Geographical Indication “Mojama de Isla Cristina”, the “Protected Geographical Indication”, the name “Mojama de Isla Cristina” and the logo of the European Union. Likewise, the anagram of the Protected Geographical Indication must be displayed, which is of mandatory use in the salads of mojama covered by this Indication.

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