PGI Melva of Andalusia

Canned melt fillet, natural and in oil, handmade. It is a conserve that is distinguished by its pink to grayish white color, compact texture, smooth and juicy, pleasant smell and very characteristic flavor of blue fish. Canned melva fillets are presented in three variants according to the coating liquid that is used, be it olive oil, sunflower oil or cooking water. They are packed in rectangular or cylindrical metal containers and in glass jars.

The raw material used in the preserves comes from the species Auxis rochei and Auxis thazard, a robust, elongated and rounded fish with short snout and two very separate dorsal fins. It is bluish or bluish gray and flanks and silvery belly and the skin is very hard and strong, totally bare of scales, except in the anterior part of the body and along the lateral line.


Fases específicas que deben llevarse a cabo en la zona geográfica definida: Pelado manual y elaboración artesanal de las conservas.

The canning process is handcrafted, which is traditionally made in Andalusia, and it is not possible to incorporate chemical elements or use any type of additives to conserve all the natural characteristics of the product. The peeling of the melva is carried out manually, without the intervention of chemicals, obtaining a product of optimum quality that retains all its properties.

Geographical zone: The zone of elaboration of the conserves is located in the municipal terms of Almeria, Adra, Carboneras, Garrucha and Roquetas de Mar of the province of Almería; Algeciras, Barbate, Cadiz, Chiclana de la Frontera, Chipiona, Conil, La Linea, Port of Santa Maria, Rota, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Tarifa of the province of Cadiz; Almúñecar and Motril of the province of Granada; Ayamonte, Cartaya, Huelva, Isla Cristina, Lepe, Palos de la Frontera and Punta Umbria in the province of Huelva; Estepona, Fuengirola, Málaga, Marbella and Vélez-Málaga in the province of Malaga. All of them belong to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.

Specific stages to be carried out in the defined geographical area: Manual peeling and canning of preserves.

Labeling: The indication ‘Protected Geographical Indication’ shall indicate the name ‘Melva de Andalucía’ and the logo of the European Union. Equally must appear the anagram of the I.G.P., of compulsory use on all preserved “Melva de Andalucía” preserved. Any type of packaging in which the protected melva is sent for consumption will be provided with a numbered label, issued by the Regulatory Council, placed in a way that does not allow a new use.

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