Anchovy of the Cantabrico Guarantee Mark

anchoaThis is how it is identified: The semi-preserved artisan anchovies produced in the Basque Country have a distinctive mark that differentiates them in the market due to their provenance, processing system and quality. The seal also confirms that the process of making the semi-preserve is carried out carefully and in a traditional way, by preparing and manually conditioning each of the anchovies by specialized staff in local canning companies that meet the requirements and previously authorized by the control body.

The authentic “Anchovy of the Bay of Biscay of the Basque Country” is sold in different formats and is the only one that has the numbered control label with the logo that identifies the product. Guaranteeing the consumer the authenticity and quality of this semiconservative.

The guarantee mark “Anchovy of the Bay of Biscay of the Basque Country” certifies that the anchovy used in its cane is Engraulis Encrasicholus, caught in the Cantabrian from 1 March to 30 June, with traditional techniques that allow to preserve and guarantee its Sustainability. This species is currently limited and supervised to enjoy prestige and popularity, for its strong aroma, texture and pink meat, both fresh and for use in the preparation of salted and preserved in oil. Its good digestibility, the quality of the amino acids of proteins, its abundant vitamins and mineral salts and the high content of its unsaturated fat, make anchovies an exceptional healthy food. It is marketed as semi-preserve in two formats: cans and glass jars.

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