Cantabrian Atlantic Bonito of Basque Country Guarantee Brand

The guarantee mark “Bonito del Cantábrico del País Vasco” certifies that the bonito used, of the species Thunnus Alalunga, comes from the waters of the Cantabrian and that all its elaboration has been made with traditional methods in local canning companies gathering the characteristics of the highest quality. This is the logo that recognizes the product, conserves artisan made in the Basque Country have a distinctive that differentiates them in the market because of its origin, system of elaboration and quality.

The artisanal preserves of fish have a tradition in the Basque Country that dates back to the Middle Ages. Although the most advanced processing and packaging technologies have been incorporated, some canners maintain the artisanal processing method. This manual work done from the whole piece confers a character to the preserves that are now grouped under this emblem.

The initiative comes from six companies based in Ondarroa, Berriatua, Markina, Mutriku and Zumaia. Heirs of this tradition, the six companies that promote this brand are grouped in the Association of Canneries of the Basque Coast to claim their “know-how” and the added value of a manually produced product, from the careful selection of each copy to the Sterilization and final packaging, going through the whole processing process. Today, the mention of the “Bonito del Norte” that appears in many of the cans and canisters that arrive in our markets is only a generic label, which does not guarantee that the fish comes from the Bay of Biscay. That is why the initiative of these six canners, which is open to any company that assumes the same quality standards, guarantees the traceability of the final product and ensures that it is made up exclusively of real Thunnus Alalunga, captured in the Cantabrian between the Months of June and October. The seal also confirms that the manufacturers of preserved fish have worked on whole fish, selected from certain quality criteria.

In addition to these quality controls established both on the product and on the process and established in the Regulation of access to “Preserves of Nice from the Cantabrian Basque Country”, the new seal of guarantee will be certified by the Marketing and Certification Unit, linked To the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Basque Government. The new brand will thus receive an external control and compliance with the UNE-EN 45011 standard for certification.

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