Fish of Rula of Asturias

The Collective Mark “Rula Fish with Healthy Arts” is a distinguishing mark to differentiate fish from artisanal fishing on the Asturian coast. Within the Mark are protected fish and shellfish caught in the waters of the Northwest Cantabrian by the artisanal inshore fleet of Asturias. The fish and seafood under the Mark must not have more than 24 hours between its capture and first commercialization in the marrow. The Brand is promoted from the Federation of Fishermen Guilds of the Principality of Asturias, which brings together a total of 18 Cofradías.
In order to be able to differentiate the fish and shellfish covered by “Fish from Rula with Healthy Arts” Asturian fishermen label the best quality fish and seafood one by one, thus allowing traceability from the rula to the sale to the consumer. The labels contain information on the name of the vessel, date of capture, fishing gear used, etc. They also have the impression of a QR Code and a Traceability reference, which can be consulted with a mobile phone and / or a computer, by returning the aforementioned information.

¿Qué garantiza la marca?


What guarantees the brand?

All the fish and seafood covered by the Collective Brand “Fish of Rula with Healthy Arts” fulfills the following characteristics:

  • Fish and seafood with less than 24 hours between its capture and placing in the marrow. It is about catch of the day.
  • Fish and shellfish caught by handicraft boats from Asturian lowland.
  • Fish and shellfish caught with traditional and artisanal crafts.
  • Fish and shellfish marketed in first sale in one of the routes attached to the brand of the Principality of Asturias.

Check the traceability code of the tag that accompanies the fish. It always requires the label in your establishment, it is the guarantee of origin and quality of your fish.

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