EUSKO LABEL-Guarantee mark of Basque Country

The EUSKO LABEL guarantee brand covers fish such as: Hegalucea (Bonito del Norte and bluefin tuna), Conservas, Canchobric anchovy of the Basque Country, Bonito del Norte of the Basque Country.

The Basque tradition of seafood has provided a knowledge of the fish and a great consumption of it, such as Bonito del Norte, Besugo, anchovies from Cantabria, sardines and cod and Sardines from Santurce. Also the hake or the squids cooked in their ink or fried for appetizer in the form of “rabas” are very traditional.

About 12% of the Spanish fish canning industry is in the Basque Country. In summer, the waters of Bay of Biscay offer exceptional conditions for albacore, estimated by the exceptional taste of its meat. And it is here where the canning tradition has initially developed, allowing tuna to be consumed throughout the year. The canning sector produces one of the main Spanish food products, which enjoys international prestige. In addition to this gourmet product, there is a wide variety of other types of canned tuna, which varies according to the species and the part used and the preparation, which can be salted in the natural, in olive oil, pickled, in tomato, etc. Spanish canning companies offer a wide range of products, in many cases more than one hundred. Light tuna in olive oil Nice of the north in olive oil Ventresca of bonito in olive oil Anchovy.

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