There is no strict sense of a business sector of functional and healthy foods, since these are business lines that normally incorporate the main groups in each food sector to consolidate their positions in different markets. Taking into account that innovation and research are two essential requirements to present a competitive supply of healthy food in the market, this option is usually only feasible for large operators in each sector, since they are the only ones that can carry out Investments. White marks are very significant in the most consolidated offerings, such as dairy products such as milk and yoghurts, soft drinks or confectionery. Among the rich milks, distribution brands account for more than 45% of all sales, while the first offering with own brand remains at a reduced 29%. As far as the functional confectionery is concerned, there are two large groups that share 90% of that market. In the case of functional beverages, white brands account for 30% of all sales by volume. On the contrary, among the most innovative offers are the brands of manufacturer that monopolize the highest percentages of sales.

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