The classic dehydrated dishes, among which the most outstanding offerings are soups and those made with rice or pasta bases, have lost importance during the last year, selling in the free-market a little less than 12.4 million units, for a Value of 15.2 million euros. These figures represent interannual reductions of 12.2% in volume and 10.8% in value. These categories are dominated by large multinational companies, although in recent times some Italian groups, specialized in dehydrated dishes based on pasta and rice, have been incorporated. The white brands are important in the most consolidated offers. Thus, in the soups, 35% of all sales in volume and 24% in value. On the other hand, the oriental-style pasta-based dehydrated dishes, the so-called noodles, experienced important growths of 55% in volume, reaching 43 million units, and 68% in value, reaching 41.7 million Euros. The main company in this segment, associated with a Japanese group, has experienced spectacular growth and controls 54.2% of all sales in volume and 57.8% in value, while the second round 36.3% And 34.6% respectively. The distribution marks have insignificant percentages of 3.8% in volume and 2.1% in value.

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