In total, production exceeded 64,300 tonnes, 28% of which were produced in Catalonia and 22% in Galicia, which are the two regions that lead production in this sector. However, if we consider where the farms are, Castilla y León occupies the second place in the national ranking. The Spanish census of 2014 (heads with high state) was around 6.4 million animals, 18% of the EU-27 census. The trade balance in the meat sector continued to have a positive balance in 2014 as exports surpassed imports, although both increased significantly in 2014. In particular, 918 tonnes of meat were imported (almost double that in 2013 ) And 7,777 tonnes (1,739 tonnes more) were exported. Virtually 98% of sales of rabbit meat go to the EU. Portugal is the main destination of our exports (of live animals and meat) with 42% of the total and was also the main meat supplier in 2014 (61% of the total). In addition to meat trade there are also live animal exchanges. As in the case of meat, exports are much higher than imports. On the other hand, world production of rabbit meat exceeded 1.7 million tonnes and in the EU stood at 251,800 tonnes. France with 84,500 tonnes and Italy with 65,000 tonnes were the countries with the highest production, ahead of Spain. In spite of this, both France and Italy reduced their productions in 2014.

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