The value generated by the poultry meat sector in 2014 amounted to 2,475.5 million euros at basic prices. Total production of poultry meat (chickens, turkeys, ducks, etc.) was estimated at 1.48 million tonnes. The bulk of the poultry meat production was broilers (1.234 million tonnes, 10% more than in 2013) and far away was turkey meat that did not reach 160,000 tonnes.
In Spain there were a total of 15,744 poultry farms in 2014, of which 9,234 were chicken farms. The rest of the farms
Were intended for the breeding of turkeys, partridges, pigeons, quails, ducks, guinea fowl, geese, among others. These data give a clear idea of the importance that the production of chicken meat has in the Spanish poultry sector.
By region, the largest number of chicken farms destined for meat production was found in Andalusia, Galicia and Comunidad Valenciana.
With respect to foreign trade, in 1964 196,718 tons were imported. Imports from EU countries were the bulk of the total, with just over 160,000 tonnes. For its part, 204,622 tonnes were exported. Of this volume, 135,425 tonnes went to the countries of the European Union.
In the European Union, the production of chicken meat (excluding the rest of the poultry) rose to 11.2 million tonnes. The slaughter of animals approached 39 million heads and the average prices were higher than those paid in Spain. In terms of turkey production, around 5.5 million tonnes were produced in the EU, of which 35% were from Spain.

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