In Spain there are also other minority livestock productions that are increasingly accepted by consumers. One of them is equine meat, whose production soared in the years of the economic crisis, although in 2013 the supply was significantly reduced and the same happened in 2014. The production of this type of meat reached in 2014 a value of 49 , € 1 million expressed at current prices. At the end of the year there were 187,540 equine farms in Spain (horses and mules, for breeding, breeding, etc.). Somewhat less than half of these farms were in Andalusia and Galicia was the second region in this ranking. In addition, almost 33% of these farms had no commercial use. For its part, the census of animals increased again in 2014 to 636,100 head, 35% of them in Andalusia and 9.8% in Castile and León. In 2014 some 46,400 animals were slaughtered and meat production stood at about 11,100 tonnes, 600 less than a year earlier. The region with the largest production of equine meat in 2014 was again Navarre with 22% of the total, as well as with 18% of the census. Regarding foreign trade, in 2014 329 tonnes of meat and offal of horses’ spice animals were imported and 8,226 tonnes exported. In addition to meat, 33,940 live animals were also imported and 7,601 animals were exported (imports multiplied by four and exports also increased). Most of this trade was carried out with the countries of the European Union (Portugal, Germany and France).


Within the poultry sector, in addition to the chickens there are also numerous farms dedicated to the breeding of turkeys, ducks, partridges, quail, pigeons, guinea fowl, etc.
The production of this type of meats is minority but fulfills its function of supply of the demand. Another meat that already has a stable clientele, although reduced, is ostrich meat, of which there is production in Spain (about 1,000 tonnes). The high prices of this last meat have prevented the expected expansion of the corresponding market in our country. Apart from the birds, there is also some production of “exotic” meats, among which stand out crocodile, kangaroo or antelope. Finally, the production of snails is gaining weight from year to year, albeit very slowly. In 2014 there were just over 100 farms dedicated to this type of production in a professional manner. The communities with the largest number of farms are Catalonia (40%), Galicia (15%) and Aragon (14%).

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