Despite increases in domestic production of dried beans, chickpeas and lentils, harvests are insufficient to meet domestic demand, so we must resort to imports. In 2014 imported just less than 232,580 tons of dried vegetables. Some 45,000 tonnes of beans, 78,000 tonnes of lentils and 59,000 tonnes of chickpeas were purchased abroad. The main suppliers of chickpeas for the Spanish market were Mexico, the United States and India. As far as lentils are concerned, Canada and the United States (32% and 35%) are our main suppliers. Finally, Argentina appears as the main source of imports of beans. China, the United States and Egypt stand out a considerable distance, in percentages that are around 12% in volume and value in each case. Exports are very insignificant, representing only about 8,000 tonnes per year and have been practically stable over the last four years.

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Montse Gonzalez