The Spanish legume market continued to grow during the last fiscal year to 302,000 tonnes. At the end of the last decade the apparent consumption in our country represented a much smaller 185,000 tons. Domestic production barely accounts for 25.5% of total consumption, so imports are an essential resource to supply domestic demand. Some data, such as the increase in the price of the raw material and the reduction of the quotas of immigrants, seem to indicate that sales in the domestic market will tend to be reduced.
Sales in the modern distribution reached up to 60.2 million kilos of dry vegetables, valued at more than 110 million euros, while in the case of cooked vegetables they came close to 48.8 million kilos and EUR 83.2 million. Among the dry pulses, lentils account for 50.8% of all sales in volume and 41.3% in value. Then the chickpeas are located, with quotas of 29.3% in volume and 31.9% in value. In third place the beans appear, with 19.7% and 26.4% respectively. All other dried pulses barely account for 0.2% by volume and 0.4% by value. In the case of cooked vegetables, chickpeas are the most demanded, with 48.1% of the total in volume and 45% in value, followed by beans (38% and 39.5%), lentils (12 , 5% and 13%), beans (1.3% and 2.3%) and beans and potatoes (0.1% and 0.2%).

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