The trade balance of honey is slightly negative in volume for Spain, although in economic terms the balance is very favorable for our country, since exports exceed 65% of imports. In terms of foreign trade, after many years with the Negative sign, in 2014 the balance of the balance was positive. Exports (26,108 tonnes) exceeded imports (24,367 tonnes). In terms of value, Spain imported honey worth 46.1 million euros, and exported 90.7 million euros. Most of the volume exports (21,950 tonnes) went to the EU countries and most imports of honey (17,591 tonnes) came from third countries. EU imports almost as much honey as it produces. By countries, France and Germany are the two main destinations of Spanish honey, with almost half of sales. For its part, imports from China accounted for 87% of the total purchased in 2014, a higher percentage than in 2013. The EU, Japan and the USA are the main import markets. China, Argentina and other Latin Americans are exporting. The country that sells the most honey in the EU (48% of the total in 2014) is China and Germany is the country that bought the most honey in 2014 (33%), ahead of the UK (18% of the total) and France. Its imports from third countries come mainly from Argentina and China. As for trade in honey, in 2014 the EU exported a total of 16,041 tonnes of honey compared to 13,554 tonnes a year earlier. Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, United States and Japan were the main destinations for European honey and the countries with the highest honey exports were Germany (31%) and Spain (26% of the total).

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