At the base of the productive chain of the Spanish hortofrutícola sector appears a great number of small and medium producers and entrepreneurs, although there are some important concentration movements. There are about 620 producers’ organizations, although the top 100 control just over a third of all sector turnover. The number of agri-food cooperatives exceeds 3,900 of which 29% is made up of fruit and vegetable cooperatives. 72.5% of all cooperatives are within the framework of the Spanish Cooperative Agri-Foods Association (CCAE). In Spain there are six large purchasing centers, with a combined turnover of more than 1,200 million euros. Together with them, there are around 10,000 operators between manipulation centers, auctions and traders that act as intermediaries. In the Network of Wholesale Markets and Zones of Complementary Activities are installed about 1,040 wholesale companies of fruits and vegetables, to which must add 22 of bananas and 103 of flowers. In total, 2.33 million tons of fruit, 1.47 million tons of vegetables and 622,220 tons of potatoes were traded. The value of all these productions exceeded 4,590 million euros. The main group in the national fruit and vegetable market has a turnover of 510 million euros, while the second group reaches 410 million euros and the third is 355 million euros. Andalusia has the largest number of companies and fruit and vegetable production, with 26% of the total. Valencian Community (21%), Murcia (10%), Catalonia (7%) and Castilla-La Mancha (7%) are shown below.

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