Exports begin to be a significant alternative for companies in the smoked fish sector of our country. During 2014 a little more than 1,640 tons were exported, representing a significant year-on-year increase of 32%. The main destination markets were Italy (44.7%), Romania (29.8%), Portugal (14%), France (3.4%), Czech Republic (2% 6%), Andorra (1.6%) and Cuba (1.1%). Many Spanish smoked companies are betting on internationalization and the opening of new markets. Imports, on the other hand, reached 1,920 tonnes, which is 38.6% more than in the previous year. Our main supplier is Germany, which accounts for 39.3% of the total. France (26.4%), Portugal (14.5%), Italy (5%), Denmark (4.4%), the Netherlands (3.8%), the United Kingdom , Poland (1.7%) and Sweden (0.6%). The imports of the raw material with which the Spanish smoked companies work are very important. In that sense, Norway stands out as our main supplier of salmon.
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Montse Gonzalez