The Spanish trade balance of fresh and chilled fish is very negative, since the coverage rate is a very low 47.9% and imports exceed exports by almost 446.6 million euros.
During 2014, 231,260 tonnes of fresh fish were imported, worth 857.6 million euros, which meant year-on-year increases of 5.5% in weight and 6.3% in value. The main suppliers of fresh and chilled fish for the Spanish market are other European Union countries, accounting for 76.3% of all imports in volume and 72.3% in value. In addition, Spain imports another 202,140 tonnes of fillets and fish meat (+ 7.1%), for a value of 616.2 million euros (+ 12.2%). In this case, countries outside the European Union are our most important suppliers, with 85.1% of the total in volume and 79.4% in value.
Exports, on the other hand, reached a little less than 103,020 tons, representing a significant year-on-year increase of 19.8%, worth 411 million euros (+ 10.1%). Other exports of 46,870 tonnes and 238.4 million euros of fillets and fish meat are recorded, with interannual reductions of 3.4% in weight and 3% in value. Fresh fish exports are directed to other European countries, with quotas of 94.2% of the total in volume and 83.9% in value.

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