According to the Interprofesional of the egg, Inprovo, exports account for approximately 23% of production, which is about 230 million dozen. The main destination markets are other European Union countries, notably France, Italy and Germany. Traditionally, exported eggs were preferentially directed towards European egg products industries. In recent times, there has been a significant diversification of the destinations of Spanish exports of eggs, and sales to third countries have grown by an important 46% during 2014. The main destinations of this new foreign trade are some Asian countries as Oman, Hong Kong and Israel and other Africans, including Mauritania, Gabon, Nigeria, Angola and Congo. Within America, the main recipient country is Mexico, although from 2015 onwards it is possible to export to the United States, where a high demand is expected, considering that the avian influence has caused a drastic reduction in the number of laying hens and a fall in their production. All these exports are made with refrigerated products. Imports are much less important and are around 43,000 tonnes, the great majority of which is around 96% of the total, coming from other European Union countries.

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