In Spain, about 110,000 tonnes of pasteurized liquid egg products and about 55,000 tonnes of boiled egg, powdered egg and others are produced annually, accounting for between 15% and 20% of total egg production. The preferred destination for egg products is restoration, where 60% of the total is directed. In second place is the food industry, with a percentage of 36%, while only 4% goes directly to consumers through organized distribution. It is considered that 50% of the food industries use egg or its derivatives in the elaboration of its products. In our country there are 37 companies registered as manufacturers of egg products, with an industrial capacity that is around 150,000 tons. The penetration of international capital among the main operators in this sector is very significant. Our country annually exports around 12,000 tonnes of shelled eggs a year, to which we must add another 3,000 tonnes of yolks and about 2,000 tonnes of other offers.

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Montse Gonzalez