The balance of trade in the Spanish dairy sector is negative because imports far exceed exports due to the high consumption of milk in Spain. In recent years the commercial margin has been reduced by the increase in exports, although these barely reach half. Among exports, of the total volume bought in 2013 the bulk corresponded to fresh milk. Cheese and yogurts are also exported. Also of these products, it is also to emphasize the commerce of butter and fats of milk to spread, among other productions. The bulk of imports (99.8% in volume and 99.5% in value) of dairy products come from other European countries, most notably France and Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands, while the priority destination markets for exports Spanish are other European Union countries (90% in volume and 82.3% in value), led by France and Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom. By value, the main items exported are other cheeses (23% of the total), cream in bulk (14.5%), fresh cheeses (13.4%), yogurts (10.3%) and cow’s milk In bulk (6.5%).
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Montse Gonzalez