The wholesale distribution in Spain is mainly structured through the Food Network Units of the Mercas Network, which have  Wholesale Markets in Mercalgeciras,  Mercabadajoz, Mercabarna, Mercabilbao, Mercacórdoba, Mercagranada, Mercairuña, Mercajerez, Mercalaspalmas, Mercaleón, Mercamadrid, Mercamálaga, Mercamurcia, Mercapalma, Mercasalamanca, Mercasevilla, Mercavalencia y Mercazaragoza.

In 2014, total sales of fresh and frozen fishery products in the Mercosur Network amounted to some 576,000 tonnes. Through the Mercas is commercialized around 50% of the national consumption of fish and shellfish. The value of fishery products marketed in the Mercosur Network in 2014 approached 3,500 million euros.

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