The market for smoked fish in Spain is in the hands of a few large groups. The top five companies control more than 60% of all sales. The leading group has a production of 4,100 tonnes, with sales of 50 million euros, while the second reaches 1,500 tonnes and 18.2 million euros, the third is 1,440 tonnes and 12,4 million tonnes. Euros, the fourth round is 1,300 million euros and 18 million euros and the fifth reaches 1,200 tons and 17.2 million euros. Given the percentage of sales, an offer with manufacturer brand controls the market, with shares of 43.8% in volume and 39.4% in value. Secondly, the distribution marks appear, with respective percentages of 39.8% and 37.8%, while the second Marquist offer remains at 5.5% and 8.8% and the third at 1 , 7% and 3%. In the case of salmon, the leading group controls 45.5% of sales in volume and 40.6% in value. The white marks, in turn, are around 38.9% and 37.2%. This year, the contract for the supply of the main company in the sector ends with one of the largest food distribution chains, which augurs important changes in the sector.

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Montse Gonzalez