During the past year, 9,303 vessels fished, representing 96.5% of the entire fishing fleet in our country. This figure indicates a year-on-year reduction of 2.1%. The vast majority of these vessels are located in the Cantabrian-northwest fishing zone (4,990 vessels), followed by the Mediterranean sea (2,649 vessels), the Gulf of Cádiz (796 vessels), the Canary Islands (783 vessels) An area (85 boats). In addition, there are another 120 vessels fishing in Atlantic ports of the European Union, 11.7% less than in the previous year.
Among the vessels operating in the national fishing ground, there are 858 trawlers, with an average length of 21 meters, 607 fence (average length of 19.8 meters), 284 longliners (average length 17.6 meters), 81 with Gill length (average length 17 meters) and 7,473 smaller gear (average length 7.3 meters).

In Spain there are about 180 fish markets, where about 70% of all fresh fish landed is marketed.
Meanwhile, the 422 wholesalers located in the Mercas network market slightly more than 257,170 tonnes of fresh fish, to which a further 79,280 tonnes of fresh shellfish and molluscs are added. The value of all these offers reaches up to 2,733.4 million euros.

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