The pig and its cuts

Pork meat is a meat product from the pig. It is one of the most consumed meats in the world. Some religions consider it a forbidden food. For example, Judaism considers it treifá and the Islamic, haram. In Spain two types of pork are consumed, white pork and in a much smaller extent the pork of Iberian trunk. White pork has little fat infiltration and this is almost all superficial, and therefore easy to remove before or after cooking. On the other hand, in the Iberian pig the fat is infiltrated, which endows the pieces with great juiciness.

The fat content varies from one piece to another. Thus the clean loin, sirloin or leg have a fat content of less than 5%. For their part, bacon, bacon and the gill are very fatty. Also the products in which they are used, such as sausages derived from pork.

The meat of pig breeding, the pig is sold entirely for the elaboration of the exquisite roasted suckling pig.


-Neck, dewlap: meat more fibrous and fat than usually chopped or used for stews. Head chops are marketed only for butchers, and are suitable for grilling, broiling or frying.
-Paletillas: Front legs, suitable for roasting
-Loin: Cut in different ways giving rise to chops (if bone is left) or tape (without it). It is a very appreciated and tasty meat admits all kinds of preparation, fried, grilled, baked, stuffed, etc.
-The loin chop: Very good meat, tender and clean of sinews and nerves, although with a little fat, it is usually roasted, although it is also cold, barbecue, etc.-Needle: Zone near the head. Used for chops
-Sirloin: leaner and thinner part of the animal
-Ham Fresh: meat of good quality, tender and juicy. The best way to prepare it is roasted
-Maza: thicker part, suitable for stews or skewers-Knuckles: They correspond to the calves and are usually presented cooked or roasted
-The hind legs are divided into hip, babilla, tapa and contra, in a similar way to the bovine, although being the smaller pieces are not usually so much clear and are united to cut in fillets, feet and hands. They are usually served, fried, empanadas, although it is much appreciated in stews and elaborate dishes since due to the cartilages that they possess, it offers a gelatinous texture
-Bacon and ribs: They have plenty of fat and sometimes salt or smoke. It is usually marketed in pieces or with the ribs separately, ideal for grilling or barbecue.

Pork is also one of the most used, because it uses almost the entire body of the animal, as well as many of its byproducts, to make elaborate meats, cooked, cured and / or sausages such as ham, sausage, bacon, black pudding , bacon, pate, etc. Futher information consult here.

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