Nutritional characteristics of meat

Nutritionally the meat has a high proportion of water (between 65% and 80%) and is also composed of proteins (between 16% and 22%) and fat, which can vary widely: between 1% and 48%, depending on the animal from which it comes and the piece. It also contains vitamins and minerals. Although the role of proteins is important in meats and these have great nutritional importance, the energy needs of the same in an adult are around 12-15%, so meat consumption has to be moderate and alternate with the intake of Other foods, because an excessive intake is not beneficial, since among other things may favor processes of overload in the functioning of the liver.

The composition of the meat varies greatly from one species to another and is also differentiated according to the age, sex and the animal’s feed, as well as the particular part from which it is extracted, especially as regards fat.

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Montse Gonzalez