Sepia or cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) has a broad and flat body, with lateral expansions in the form of fins and a sort of triangle over the head. Inside it has a hard and long shell. Is endowed with eight arms and two téntáculos on the head and its color depends on the substrate on which it inhabits and is mimicked.
It is caught all year round with various fishing gear; Nasa, trasmallo, arras, poteira … It is a species of extraordinary commercial interest, where the redondela town in the province of Pontevedra stands out.
In Galicia there is a long culinary tradition. The choco is taken in its ink with a little white rice, but its meatiness admits other preparations as it can be to the iron with a mild sauce of oil, garlic and parsley. In Portugal it is taken to the whole plate, when it is fresh, without having to eviscerate. Also to the Roman or in caldeirada.

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