Caviar and other Fish Roe


The consumption of caviar and sturgeon in Spain dates back to antiquity, since this is a prehistoric species. In Spain, until recently, native species of wild sturgeon were in danger of extinction, such as the Nacarii Acipenser, a native species (also known as the Guadalquivir sturgeon). However, nowadays, authentic Beluga caviar is also produced in Spain. A company located at the Riofrío pier in Granada (Andalusia) has been able to reproduce this fish and is now the only fish farmer in the world to produce organically caviar, with the largest population of controlled sturgeon in the world. Pearly gray, the organoleptic qualities of this roe are placing it at the level of the best caviar in the world. In addition to the Sierra Nevada (Andalusia-Granada) areas, sturgeon farming is currently being developed in the Pyrenees of Navarra and Lleida (Catalonia) for the purpose of canning caviar.


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Montse Gonzalez