Artemar, canned fish and seafood

Located in Galicia, in the province of Pontevedra , in the spring of 2010 this company begins to work on the possibility of wakame to take advantage of the resources of the area. Little by little he has been adding products to his portfolio; Some more traditional ones like needle fish and small sardine and other more innovative, like other kinds of seaweed . Later they are introduced to the smoking process, taking advantage of a traditional technique for the conservation of fish in Galicia, but applying it to new elaborations such as octopus or smoked mackerel giving rise to different canned , Innovative and handcrafted that are marketed outside the circuits of the large distribution.

Its products, preserved fish and seafood of high quality with a touch of smoked

The company premiums the quality of its products with elaborated made from raw materials of excellent quality acquired in Galician fish markets. These are then canned and packaged by hand, keeping the preserves stored as long as necessary to be perfect to go to market. Just as important as the raw material and the artisan processing process is the aesthetics of the product. For this reason, the beautiful design of the case, also made by hand, is fresh and colorful. All this, together with the variety of preparations, make these preserves a special gift, also for our palate and an excellent accompaniment to maridar with Galician white wines.

Do you want to taste them?

In addition to being able to purchase these elaborations online , the company opened in July 2013 a tasting shop in Cangas del Morrazo . There, you can taste a small menu of dishes made from their preserves and other artisan products and thus select the ones you like most to take them home and surprise your friends with artisan dishes, rich and simple.

Galician fish and shellfish cannery. Restaurant.Tasting shop

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