About us

The initiative Foodies & travellers is integrated by professional from of different sectors (agri-food, commercial, logistics, tourism , ICT´s-technologies of the information and communication-, audiovisual, marketing, etc.) that give the support for the platform can work . Our stimulus is that people can know and appreciate the quality of the food products and recognize the good service. this is the reason why we work day to day with professionalism to contribute in the food chain with criteria of taste and health in all an art, the art of feed.

  • ONLINE marketing 
www.zoamedia.com We are a company that develop its activity in the field of audiovisual communication and advertising company. We created the audiovisual serie  which is integrated in the platform “Foodies&travellers” under the name “Food, wine & siesta”. Internationally we are developing  several series  such as “Lost Paradise” series on climate change and “Sefarad” documentary on the cultural legacy of the Sephardim. www.fotografia20.es We are a photographic studio specialized in advertising photography of food, beverages and tourist services.

As a COLLABORATIVE PLATFORM, we are open to all companies and individuals that want to collaborate with us, sharing their knowledge and experiences.